Framing: Professional Artists Tell All

Artists from around the country weigh in on how they go about framing their pictures, as well as how they sort out the cost of doing so with their galleries and clients.

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The Emergence of Tonal Drawing

Tonal drawing—the juxtaposition of relative values, the notion of seeing masses rather than outlines—more closely replicates the way humans see than do lines. This emotional way of depicting the world has been explored since Leonardo; modern artists have mastered it.

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1,001 Body Parts: Anthony Panzera and the Fine Art of Selectivity

The numerous small drawings in this series together make a grand statement about the human body—and an artist's discerning view of it.

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Continual Investigations

Employing a slow process of layering and removing his materials, Costa Vavagiakis achieves an expressive, sculptural presence in his figure drawings.

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An Enigma in the Middle: The Wax-Resist Drawings of David Dodge Lewis

On several levels, this Virginia artist solves the contradictions of his subject matter to present works of both mystery and clarity.

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“With His Ineffable Left Hand”: The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

One of the great insights of this show is that, even as it confirms Leonardo as a towing figure with a genius that would be unique in any age, it also locates him firmly within an enduring tradition of draftsmanship.

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Living with an animal that magnificent was a privilege, like living with great old trees. He was so big, and his anatomy was so beautiful. You could see all of his muscles and tendons ripple as he moved. He was the most impressive creature you ever saw. You just assumed he was some sort of a God.

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The Great War and Me: A Study in Still Life and Memory

Tuesday Morn Oct 1, 1918 I haven’t taken off my clothes in about a month; haven’t removed or changed socks in a week; haven’t shaved in about a week; and can’t remove my shoes because they shrunk so.

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The Great War and Me

“The Great War and Me” is a series of paintings and drawings based on my Grandfather’s experiences in WWI. It was only after accidentally finding his journal that I learned about his involvement in The Great War. After enlisting in […]

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The Rilke Series

Starting in the early 1990’s, I began working on a series of paintings and drawings based on the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. The paintings and drawings are not illustrations, per se, but rather visual responses to the mood, imagery […]

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