Praise for Temples & Cathedrals

paestum IV by ephraim rubenstein

Ephraim’s current exhibition of mixed-media drawings at George Billis Gallery in Chelsea received an excellent review from Kate Deimling at ArtInfo:

The use of ink in most of the drawings displays forceful energy, with ink splashes that resemble bursts or even explosions. “Selinunte II” — whose rippling patches of light and dark reveal the strong afternoon sunlight of Sicily as it might appear in a tourist’s photograph — takes on a layer of added meaning because of those ink splashes, which seem to bounce off the top of the antique structure as if the process of its decay were rendered visible, or as if it exuded some kind of mystical aura.

Read the full review.

Temples and Cathedrals, which comprises drawings from the series of the same name, will be on display through October 2nd, 2010. Further details are available here.