New York Moments Show reviewed in City Arts

Maureen Mularkey of City Arts has posted a lovely write-up of the “New York Moments” group show at George Billis Gallery, including an elegant appraisal of Ephriam’s contributions:

Ephraim Rubenstein looks at the city, across the East River, from Long Island City. “Silvercup I,” graphically striking but elegiac in tone, surveys a subdued Manhattan skyline from a high vantage point behind the old Silvercup Bakery. The letters of the original neon sign, seen from the back and silhouetted against the sky, are a subtle tribute to the beauty of the borough’s defunct industrial buildings.

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Ephraim’s solo exhibition of mixed-media Temples and Cathedrals drawings opens at George Billis’ new location next week. Silverpoint artist Jeannine Cook has written a thoughtful advance discussion of the pieces on her blog.